Our goals, our vision entail long-term commitment requiring decades of work. In the vision factory of Transformation Institute, we are developing and discussing professionally well-founded visions that show a way out of a deep and complex crisis in Hungary. Instead of retuning the failed experiments, we need new, creative and courageous solutions. To this end, we are conducting research as well as organizing events, debates and conferences in order to make our proposals part of the public debate. Knowledge comes to life in favour of social change if that knowledge is acted upon by committed social entrepreneurs.

In our progressive public academy, we therefore strive as much for inspiration, inclusion and motivation than for the traditional transfer of knowledge. We believe that a lot of useful knowledge is available among the progressive social actors; therefore, we seek active cooperation with them in all dimensions of our work. Our goal is not to set up a new intellectual-professional think tank. Instead, we want all stakeholders to get involved in a professionally-based discussion about the social problems they are concerned by. We endeavour to launch creative and innovative model projects that can contribute to the self-advocacy and self-defence of socially vulnerable groups.